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Common Features & Wizards

Split a Flower - 2. Adjust Split Lines and Save

Adjust the split lines in the embroidery, and then Save the split sections.

Using the Create Tools - 4. Create Fills with AutoHole and Save
PREMIER+™ Create

Create Pattern Fill areas with Precise Create and with QuickStitch and AutoHole, then Save your design.

Make an Anchor Stamp - Emboss a Fill in PREMIER+™ Modify
PREMIER+™ Create

Make an anchor stamp in PREMIER+™ Create and use it to emboss a fill area in PREMIER+™ Modify.

Appliqué Tulip - 1. ExpressDesign Wizard

Create an appliqué tulip with the Express Border wizard in PREMIER+™ Embroidery Extra.

Princess Pillow - 1. Create Lettering and Decorations

Create a design with lettering and decorations in PREMIER+™ Embroidery Extra.

Princess Pillow - 2. Adjust and Export the Design

Adjust and Group your lettering and decorations, then Save and Export.

Create Appliqué Tulip 2 - Enhance in the FilmStrip
PREMIER+™ Common Features

Enhance the appliqué tulip design by using the FilmStrip in PREMIER+™ Create.

QuiltBlock Wizard 1 - Embroidery and Fill
PREMIER+™ Common Features

Create a quilt block automatically with a fill surrounding an embroidery.

PREMIER+™ Configure - Reset All Modules
PREMIER+™ Common Features

See how to restore the default settings for your PREMIER+™ Embroidery System

PhotoStitch Wizard 1 – Eiffel Tower
PREMIER+™ Common Features

Create a single-color linear PhotoStitch of the Eiffel Tower automatically.

PhotoStitch Wizard 3 – Frame A Design
PREMIER+™ Common Features

Add a frame and lettering to your Eiffel Tower PhotoStitch, and place on a background.

Printing Appliqué Fabric
PREMIER+™ Common Features

Print your own fabric using Export Appliqué Pieces in PREMIER+™ Embroidery software!

Brother Scan’N’Cut
Appliqué Outlines for Automated Cutters

Check out the settings for Export Appliqué Pieces to create outlines automatically for your automated cutter.